Surveillance Systems


From Alaska’s oil fields of the North Slope to Anchorages booming downtown. The business community utilize surveillance systems in order to document property, inventory and their employees. Surveillance footage is usually requested to authenticate happenings in the work place, such as, theft and/or unsafe safety practices that are in conflict with standard operational procedures.

Workplace or Legal Responsibilities

Additionally, insurance companies and attorney’s request surveillance in order to authenticate the extent of an injury to a claimant. The injury may have occurred either on the job, via an automobile accident, or a slip and fall. Obtaining surveillance footage of the incident will either confirm the legitimacy of the claim or give reason to question the validity of the injury.

Family Responsibilities

Home and household surveillance is also at times a point of concern; we understand the importance of your family’s safety and are happy to help with any needs that may arise. Please call Northern Security and Surveillance today at 907-602-6896.