About Northern Security and Surveillance

Large Infrastructures

For safer, secure, and large solutions for everyday activity, Northern Security and Surveillance video solutions can help increase safety within’ any size facility. With large infrastructures, they require critical planning to ensure all angles are covered. With Northern Security and Surveillance, you can efficiently monitor with network solutions that bring many advantages to the premises. Enhance security measures openly, through our integrated platforms that are secure, or central management systems. Even with scalable solutions, remote monitoring is extremely essential when it comes to coming up with a future-proof, scalable, and easy-to-install solution.


With high-definition images in both real-time and recordings, Northern Security and Surveillance video offer seamless solutions in both IP and HD-TVI for many companies in logistics. We have helped many create a safer environment for both staff and heavy traffic of containers, trucks, and more. Large lots like transportation environments have higher risks of vandalism and property theft. Therefore, having an ideal solution for each project is carefully planned together with Northern Security and Surveillance video expert sales and technicians. Reduce the number of incidents, and quickly find footage in logistic environments.


Cities around the world rely on surveillance systems to help fight crime and protect their citizens acting both to detect and deter. IP Video networks are one of the best solutions to help secure an environment to help enhance city value and reduce vandalism and crime. With easy large system navigation solutions, reliability, and security, you can count on Northern Security and Surveillance. Future-proof end-to-end surveillance solutions like mobile applications, central management systems, and open platforms can help your city stay ahead of the game.


Ensuring the safety of commercial areas like offices, high rises, buildings, and plazas are often a major concern of property managers. Northern Security and Surveillance offer end-to-end, and open solutions to help you work with your current infrastructure, and meet requirements. Get the clarity you need to monitor, access data, and keep your employees and assets safe, while keeping intruders out with Northern Security and Surveillance IP video solutions